About Ermantourage

Cultivating the creative and conscious


Founded by Erman Baradi, Ermantourage is a collective of artistic individuals cultivating the “creative and conscious.” Priding itself on bridging entertainment and social good, the platform produces engaging film, television, and music panel and party events that additionally spotlight special causes. Ermantourage has touched several cities across the globe, including Los Angeles, New York City, Toronto, London, and in 2019 will expand into Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro. We have had over 40 events marking over 420 guest speakers in the entertainment industry. 

Our Mission

We believe entertainment is more than giving an audience an enjoyable moment of time. When you create art, you can create change. Ermantourage endeavors to continuously use our network of film, television, and music endeavors connections to capture the attention of blossoming content creators, all the while shedding light on social issues and special causes. In an industry in which many face emotional debilitating issues, we strive to build a community they view as a safe haven of support. 

Divi Meetups Held



Divi Meetups Held

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We seek team members in these major cities

Los Angeles

LA is home to the majority of our events


Our second home outside the United States

New York City

We are in New York four times a year

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